Sweet Geranium (SG)

| October 29, 2018

Bunga Pahar Sweet Geranium (SG) is a M size with diameter -+ 10cm Theme colour is customized ok! Do wassap us 011 32285669 for any enquiries ok

Large Geranium (LG)

| October 29, 2018

Pahar Large Geranium (LG). It is an L size bunga pahar with diameter -+12cm Do wassap us 01132285669 for any enquiries

Pahar Geranium

| October 10, 2018

Pahar Geranium PEARL

Pahar Geranium

| October 10, 2018

Pahar Geranium DIAMOND Do wassap us 011 32285669 iqa for any enquiries ok. Tq 🙂

Pahar Geranium

| October 3, 2018

This NEW beautiful pahar for your special day. For this pahar geranium, u have two (2) option that u can choose i.e. either gold or silver linings which make it more elegant ..attractive and eye catching pahar . Any enquiries do wassap us 011 32285669 ok Gold series Silver series The colour of flower could […]

Pahar Pearl Blossom

| October 3, 2018

This bunga pahar is actually a mix design of pearls and dip flower. Very exquisite design for your special day. The small flower’s colout could be customized based on ur favorite colour or your event theme colour. Any enquries wassap us at 011 32285669 ok And i just love this FILTERED PICTURE below..


| September 23, 2018

Exclusively designed the 8 petals bunga pahar songket to give u more choices for your special day. Lets meet this beauty ! Do wassap us for any enquiries ok or visit our ig here Idyll Art 🙂

Pahar Hydrangea

| July 2, 2018

Pahar Hydrangea mini pearl Theme colour : glitter gold & silver grey

Pahar Peony Hang & Stand

| May 31, 2018

Pahar Peony hAng & stAnd. It can be either arranged as hanging ‘bunga pahar’ or as standing ‘bunga pahar’ cum main table deco! Any enquiries do wassap me 011 32285669 ok 🙂

Bunga Pahar

| March 15, 2018

bunga pahar? bunga telur? jangan risau…no worries..just giveus your budget and we will propose you the best that goes with it. InshaaAllah crafted with love & care!